Some basic concepts from a Transactional Analysis approach to counselling:
- What events trigger your Parent and Child states?
- What prevents you from responding from an Adult state?

For a series of videos explaining Transactional Analysis in far greater detail: Ego states - Recognising the voices in your head

Tim Minchin's thoughts on Cardinal Pell in musical form

Please find a number of insightful  videos by experts in their respective fields  below:

Some great videos on couples and relationship dynamics can be found on the Couples Therapy Inc website

The first video (and the many comments made underneath it on the original YouTube site) raises the many real and conflicting issues involving (international) adoption. It focuses on an adult adoptee from Korea and and a 'new' adoptive family.

Brene Brown discusses the many aspects of vulnerability (including the role of shame)  in this high-rankingTED Talk.

Dr Karyn Purvis outlines the background and  major challenges facing children from hard places.

Dr Bruce Perry (author of "The Boy who was Raised as a Dog") speaks about trauma, brain and relationship.

Brian Post explains why maintaining the relationship with your child is the foundation of their behaviour.

Dan Siegel speaks at length about the neurobiological state of the teenage brain and its benefits.

Dr Randy Frost outlines the three main features of classic hoarding.

Till Boadella provides an insight into the core aspects of OCD and an approach for dealing with the obtrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviours