Moving to another city, state or country can be surprisingly challenging. Once the initial excitement of studying abroad, landing a new job or igniting a new relationship has abated following the so-called 'honeymoon phase', many people find it far more difficult to settle into their new environment than they ever imagined. On the other hand, some issues only arise long after the relocation has taken place.

This 'dislocation' can be due to any number of reasons, including:

Many people also feel they are unable to raise the issues they may be experiencing with the 'locals' out of a sense of respect or for fear of upsetting their 'hosts'.

Furthermore, most relocation businesses do not yet provide professional psychological support for their clients (+ spouse/family)beyond 'cross-cultural training' programs and/or the services aimed at the tangible objective needs of the moving parties. Please contact me to discuss your needs today.

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